Why “topfromthemiddle”?

This blog is for everyone who has enjoyed living life fully on the social-sexual fringe. For the non-monogamous among us, the kinky and care-free, the not-limited-to-one-partner fornicators. We will appeal to heathens bent and straight. We cannot promise never to be judgmental, but may we judge each other on our character and decisions rather than our circumstance. “Topping from the middle” means “you don’t have to choose”. You can have it all. We encourage that.  Leave your expectations at the door, with your disappointments. If you choose to go back, they will still be there.

This blog offers a friendly and supportive community to gay, straight, questioning, bisexual, pansexual, all members of the gender spectrum and anyone who identifies just outside the hetero-vanilla circle. We reserve the right to welcome with hostility anyone offering abusive or hate-filled sentiment, particularly as it relates to these subgroups within the community. Homophobia, Transphobia and general ignorance will not be tolerated.

We will welcome with open arms your stories, questions, scenarios and the like. Feel free to offer up your erotica if you wish. It will be posted in the Erotica section...cumming soon.

If you have a “Dear Minx” question, send us an email here. Identities will be kept anonymous.

May you know the delight of topping from the middle.

-The TFTM Team

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