Formidable Woman


Formidable woman…

She’ll make you quiver
Stand and deliver
Sweep you off your feet
Charm you
Leave you wanting, weak

Formidable woman
She’s everything you seek
Hot sex, forget your ex
A Tigress at her peak

Formidable woman
Her unrelenting gaze
Piercing your soul
Making you whole
Keeping you there for days

Formidable woman
You’ve never felt this real
Rubbing against her
With her kitty temper
And fiery appeal

Formidable woman
She’ll keep you all night
Educate and train you
Comfort and drain you
Then release you to the light

Formidable woman
She’ll send you off good
Hungry and tired
Somewhat inspired

Formidable woman
Prefers shadows
And steep valleys
She lingers in hearts
And back alleys

Formidable woman
A champion to explore
A comfortable whore
She’ll offer no more

Formidable woman
Like a star in the night
Leaves without spite
A warm flicker
A city slicker
Temporary delight

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