Every now and then, a little piece of the past finds a resting place. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy both great love and great lust in my life. On that note, this is what I wrote today:


With a single look I saw you
Igniting my sixth sense
We painted the walls with our
Ugly and noise
We offended the world with our silence.

A beginning so full of details
And possibilities
With a penchant for poison
Lurking in the dark
Creeping like a shark
To take you- at first quietly.

I see you.

Lonely, Haunting eyes,
Longing to be wise
Poison coursing
Pain endorsing
Preventing compromise

And you,
You crazy diamond
On the eve of ‘all is lost’
Rising like the Phoenix
Eyes shimmering
Full of brilliance
Hearts bound
Lost and found

The high of new resolve
The buzz carried us like the wind
Hearts and legs entwined
‘cause love is blind
And when you crashed at my feet
I loved your broken bones
Removed the sticks and stones
Convinced that we were fine

This crazy heart saw
You, bleeding and raw
Attempting to stand
A man made of  straw…                                                                  With a match in his hand

Like a chemical explosion
I stood far too close
To avoid the fragments
Of pain and stagnance
Waiting to engulf

Heart singed,
And nothing left to prove
I watched you removed
Your dignity a memory
Your tongue
My new enemy
Hurling venom like a snake

I’ll tell you a secret though
I knew it as I watched you go
Though your Mistress may hide
The diamond inside
I still saw it,
And I know.


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