Holiday Gift Guide For Swingers


It’s easy enough to choose a gift for a dear friend or family member…but what to get your valued and adored playmates? Here are Dear Minx‘s picks for Swinger gifts! We suggest you wrap each one with an orgasm.

1) An iPod. More specifically, an iPod pre-loaded with Life on the Swingset podcasts, 3nder and ‘lifestyle travel’ apps, and of course, naked pictures from the Santa in your life should fill the photo roll. UPDATE: 3nder is now known as “feeld” and there are several similar apps-check what’s hot in your region first!

2) Medium sized suitcase….each. For those hot club nights and hotel takeovers. You start with a small suitcase (“It’s only one night!”) and eventually you are adding carry-on bags and backpacks. One spiffy, durable, medium sized suitcase will serve you for a week at Hedonism II or a special night out requiring several pairs of shoes and bottles of wine. Do yourself the favour. If there’s one thing that’s true about swingers, we pack heavy and we think of every little eventuality. Make sure you have room to pack your gear into less rather than more.

3) Fill a stocking with condoms, but make it a sexy stocking. In my experience, sexy stockings can be enjoyed both by those wearing them and those spending time with those wearing them. Condoms, lube, panties…stuff it good. Get creative!  NOTE: fishnets are hard to stuff, but are ideal for inside the stocking.

4) Restraints. Most sexual adventurers have already stumbled onto this power play. Hand cuffs, leather cuffs, spreader bar…there are a umpteen variations depending what you like. If you wanna go farther, throw in a paddle (of course, we recommend a Minx paddle-taking orders soon!)

5) Strap-on (with pegging, vaginal insert and  dildo attachment). It might not be for everyone – but you’d be amazed who it is for. Many couples, particularly those with bi-identifying females will eventually wander down this path of curiosity. Do yourselves the favour and buy a quality harness with attachments. You will want the most obvious parts (a dildo of some kind) but consider also adding the additional options of an insert for the wearer (a dildo that sits inside the vagina while she fucks someone else). Consider also, a smaller attachment for pegging play. While you may not consider it something you are interested in, you may be surprised to see who else is. It will be good to have the parts available if you suddenly change your tune on this.
6) A black ring. Help your sexy friends identify themselves to the tribe.(To be sure to hit all of the markers depending on geographical location, you may wish to include a star for their house, and an upside pineapple. You picking up what I’m putting down?)

7) Overnight travel kit. Now, a swingers overnight kit should include their own toothbrush + a new one for emergencies, toothpaste, mouth wash/breath strips, condoms and lube (maybe even dental dams), razors, hair elastics, a bottle of water, and whenever possible, a towel. Always bring a towel.

8) An evening at a spectacular hotel or spa. Give a swinger and hotel room, and you can betcha’ bottom dollar they will make good use of it and appreciate it to the farthest corners of the room. And bathroom. Maybe even the closets.

9) Porn. Not all of us watch it, but let’s be honest…..many (many) of us do. There is a definite trend towards amateur (or “real”) porn. You may even want to consider the gift of personalized porn – an emerging industry for the discerning exhibitionist.

10) We-Vibe 4 Plus G-Spot & Clitoral Couples Vibrator. What’s not to love? You can use it on either him, or her (or both at the same time). You can run this beauty by touch, We Connect app or remote. Think of the possibilities for those vanilla events office Christmas parties. Give one partner the controls and watch the other one squirm. Available in various colours.

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