When you have waited, with clenched pussy for 24 days. When sleepless nights have caught you in the endless loop of remembering, reliving, and then relenting to the pull of your very own fingers. When you have spent the last week abstaining from orgasm, even self-induced. When all of that gathers, deep down in tight places…you take a deep breath and clear your mind. Butterflies linger and flutter about in your stomach as you wait. Every second feels like forever….

#                #               #                  #

I pull nervously at my hair as I stare at the floor. Seconds tick by as I shift nervously from foot to foot. When it feels like an eternity has passed, I raise my eyes to check his progress. I can see the elevator rising slowly towards me. In an instant, the doors spring open.
Each time I see him his smile seems to have magically grown sexier than the last. Perfect white teeth framed by juicy lips that I want to devour instantly. Deep, dark eyes stare back at me and we both smile nervously. I take him by the hand and lead him down the hall to our room, careful to avoid eye contact with the revellers in the hall. Without a word we have both devised the same plan – get safely and quickly behind the cover of the hotel room door. We will not wait a moment longer to touch. The door swings shut with a thump as he drops his bag on the floor. Our eyes meet each other with intensity.

We start to kiss,furiously at first. His strong hands frame my face and I am helpless with a single gesture. We dive into each other with tongues searching, hands reaching….I feel the hard surface of the desk hit the back of my legs and without skipping a beat he scoops me up and slides my bum onto the edge of the desk. As he presses in to me I can feel his hard cock begging for release. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him hard into me. The wait for his cock is instantly unbearable. My pussy starts to swell and drip with anticipation before a single article of clothing has been removed. My hand slides up his back and neck until my fingers are locked in his hair. I bring my lips to his ear….I remember all the slow sexy maneuvers I had planned for him, the long slow tease-but in this moment I am without choice. I surrender.
“Please fuck me. Please, Lover”.
Without hesitation he lifts me gently from the desk. His hands find the waist of my pants and he slides them down and over my hips. Standing there, with only my panties on I am raw, aroused, out of control. Instinctively I lean back onto the desk and throw my legs around him. I am suddenly furious at what separates me from this moment. I rip at the buckle on his belt and in an instant his jeans are at his ankles. My panties are soaked and the anticipation verges on painful…He looks deep into my eyes as I begin to lower his briefs….his gorgeous cock springs out of confinement. His fingers fly to my panties and with a single motion he pulls them to the side, grabs me by the waist and pulls me hard onto his cock. I gasp and moan as I release a puddle of pleasure all over the floor of our hotel room. I wish to hang in this moment forever. My legs find their place wrapped firmly around him. I am locked on, as I claim my cock. We kiss each with such ferocity that a low growl escapes my hungry mouth. I force the fury of my passion into him through the end of my tongue as I slide back and forth on his cock.
All of those nights alone in bed, trying to recapture the intensity of him inside me, swimming in glorious sense memory, cannot come close to this real moment. My desire to be pinned beneath his weight starts to pull at me like a petulant child. I wrap my arms around his neck and I whisper in is ear
“please take me to the bed”
He obliges by spinning me around and tossing me onto the bed. I land on my back and catch full view of him, standing tall and naked at the end of the bed. The light dances across his torso highlighting every detail of his sexy body. I tremble as I watch him approach me. I long for the feel of his power and masculinity. I cannot wait to be overpowered by him. He slides onto the bed and slowly takes my wrists one by one, placing them over my head. He lowers his body over mine and I can feel his cock gently rub against my inner thigh. My head reaches forward hopefully, in search of his mouth. As he sucks at my bottom lip his cock suddenly fills me and I soak the bed, my hips rising into him with force. I moan involuntarily as he slowly fucks me into a frenzy. My thighs wrap around him and suddenly he grabs my ankles and raises them towards the ceiling so that he can place a firm spanking across my bottom before releasing them. I am caught in an endless orgasm and swimming in my own juices. I prop myself onto my elbows so that I can indulge my favourite sight. His cock slides freely in and out of my pussy as I whimper with delight. In an instant, a rush of fluids splash across his chest and legs.
The sight of his dripping cock leaves me ravenous to taste his rewards. I push him back and drop down in front of him on my stomach, face down, ass up. I take his cock into my mouth and begin stroking the sides of his shaft with my lips. I can still taste my glorious orgasm all over him. I slowly take his cock deep into my mouth and then, into the back of my throat. I raise my eyes to meet his gaze. In this moment I am desperate to please him with my mouth, as his cock fills every inch of it. The strength of his energy excites me as he raises a hand over his head and then brings it down hard across my ass. I squirt instantly as my body starts to spasm. I begin to take long deep strokes with my mouth and he is rock hard. I squirm with delight as I enjoy the sweet taste of his precum. I am consumed with my desire to devour his cock, and at the same time I long to have him inside me, where he belongs. I slowly rise and motion him to lay back on the bed. I crawl on top of him like an enthusiastic cowgirl and slide him inside me. My muscles grab at his cock like a vice, frantic to keep him there forever, and I ride him, gently at first. He meets my rhythm and slowly lifts himself into a sit as I wrap myself around him. With every grind my juices splash across his body and back onto mine. Our bodies play a symphony of moist slapping and frantic grinding. He slips a hand up my back and catches my hair at the base of my neck. He gives a firm pull as he guides my mouth to his. With lips and legs locked in a frenzied embrace, we ride the wave of pleasure until I am gasping with exhaustion. I fall into his arms as orgasms take me repeatedly…unrelenting. For a moment I just linger, pressed up against him. As my pussy throbs and clenches him tight.
I know what comes next. Only one thing will satisfy me now, and I will beg if I must.
“I need your cum…Please.” I whisper. He orders me onto my stomach and I oblige him immediately. My hips sway gently back and forth as I tease him with my ass, begging him to enter me.
“Take me”, I plead insistently.
He places a firm hand on the back of my neck, and just enough pressure to bring me to instant excitement. I arch my back, inviting him in. His cock slams into me as his hand forces my face into the pillow and I let out a loud moan. I can feel his cock start to throb as the intensity of his thrust quickens. “Yes baby! Yes!” His hand comes down hard across my ass and the sting drives me wild with pleasure. I want to see his face and watch him cum. I want to taste him. I want it all. I push myself out from under him as I flip onto my back to face him. My hands fly to my nipples, and I am dripping as I wait. He slams into me again and I know it’s close. We stare deep into each others eyes as the first wave of ecstasy hits and a warm stream fills my pussy like a blanket. In one motion I slide out from under him and force his cock into my mouth as he continues to cum. He has been saving this load for me and I relish every drop. He lets out a moan as his body begins to jerk uncontrollably. His cum is my greatest reward and I swallow it like it is liquid gold. He collapses beside me and I gush with pride as I curl into his embrace.
We have only 12 hours together.
11 more to go……

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