A Real Man

A real man looks within before lashing out

A Real Man


He’s tough with a side of feelings

A cliché of the very best kind

His voice flows freely, he talks deeply

His vulnerability is his strength, however rare


There’s a process at work

Wheels turning

Heart burning

He builds a wall around you

He’s proud to talk about you

strong enough to walk without you-

And wise enough to never doubt you

He’s got your back

when life pounds you


A real man

Doesn’t punish.

He is mature enough to know

That life has got that covered

Instead he is your lover,


He rewards you,

Sees all that you do

He knows

he couldn’t do it without you


A real man

Isn’t judged

By his job or his income

Not by his name, but his wisdom

He lurks in the hearts of little boys

manhood undiscovered

Chivalry,  not yet uncovered

Taking it all in.


A real man,

Ever hunted

His instincts are strong

He knows where he belongs

he is capable of being led by love.

You can spot him by the twinkle in his eye,

His willingness to try

The surrender in his sigh

You feel his absence like the winter sun

(waiting, hoping)


…but the surest sign you’ve found one?


A real man knows a real woman, when he sees one.

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