So hard.



So hard

You were so hard.
Soooo hard.
All I could do was squirm and refocus.
Licking, milking, enticing, devouring
To savour
Eyes closed
I try so hard to keep them open.
To watch it all.
To drink you in, from every possible place
But they close
Alas they close….
Without sight to distract me,
I am locked on to your taste.
My taste.
Our taste.
My tongue is relentless in investigation
My mouth moves so slowly
I can feel every pulse
My hand ignites as you throb in my grip
An electric pulse
That motivates me like nothing else
I am so conflicted in my ecstasy
In a cock worship frenzy
My pussy is on fire
I wiggle about
I lower myself underneath you
Tongue extended
Now watching
As I lick
I massage you with my lips
Wrapped full around my beautiful cock
I am merely preparing you
Prepping the beast
I rise from the floor, quivering.
Our lips meet for a moment…
Instinctively you lower yourself to the sofa and order me to mount
There is nothing like that moment
When you slide inside me
Skin taught
Eyes locked
We do not miss a beat. The rhythm finds us quickly while our mouths attack. In this moment, i cannot fuck you hard enough, fast enough, violently enough… to demonstrate my desire.
My arms lock atop your shoulders pulling me into your body,
my nipples at your mercy
I ride myself
Into a blackout
Of pleasure.

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