Grrrrl adventures…part un.

grrrrl adeventures

The motel room is one of the sexiest examples of trashy kitch I have ever seen. Like two Sirens, we are perched on either side of the heart shaped tub. Steam rises from the water below, making the air damp with intrigue. I reach for my glass of wine and she mirrors my action. I listen to her talk as I slowly slide towards the middle of the tub and reach for my cigarettes. A burst of smoke escapes as I draw deeply in and out. I glance sideways at her, and a smile escapes my lips. She is full of perspective and brilliance, and I cannot help but notice the rise of her breasts as her voice becomes passionate. She pauses in her story and stares back at me like she has just caught me watching her. Suddenly she reaches across me and takes a cigarette out of the pack. Her breast grazes my arm, her legs slide easily into mine, and we interlock. She draws on her cigarette but does not move. She remains there, touching. There’s a quickening of senses as she places her head against my shoulder, her red hair grazing my nipple, and instantly I am alert to every sound and pulse.
As I turn my face towards her, she raises her mouth to mine….
We meet in a mixture of lips and lust and I am suddenly, fully, aware of her nudity. Her skin, touching me, everywhere. I turn towards her. My hand instinctively cups her gorgeous breast.
A whisper escapes my lips as I feel the soft fullness of her breast in my hand. “Yessss”
I kiss her neck, her chest, her nipples…
I pull away to look at her, taking a mouthful of wine while I admire her beautiful curves. After a long draw from my cigarette, I place it in the ashtray. I turn my full attention to her and ask her to sit on the edge of the tub. I watch her beautiful shape in the mirrors as she slowly slides up out of the water and perches on the edge of the tub.
I do not have to ask her. She quickly spreads her legs, inviting me in. I smirk and place my wine on the edge of the tub. I lean in to give her the kiss she really wants….
I am in heaven as I feel her legs wrap around me, holding me tight. Demanding.